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Unleashing Excellence: Dive into the Distinctive Features that Define GrowKidz's Educational Advantage.

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Welcome to GrowKidz, your trusted partner in early childhood education, with a special focus on mathematics. Our platform is not just about teaching math; it's a comprehensive journey towards nurturing young, inquisitive minds. Here's how GrowKidz is making a difference

Level Based Math Learning 

GrowKidz Learning Approach
GrowKidz approach to learning math

Our curriculum is crafted with a strategic "What and When to Learn" approach, ensuring personalized learning experiences.

Tailored Learning Pathways

Our lessons adhere to global educational benchmarks like CCSS, EYFS, and NEL, making our content top-notch and universally relevant.

Aligned with International Standards
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Systematically Designed Curriculum for Holistic Development

Our team, equipped with over three decades of expertise, ensures every lesson is rich in knowledge and insight.

35+ Years of Educational Experience
Smiling teacher

Interactive and fun hands-on activities complementing the digital learning experience.

48 DIY Math Activities

A detailed and thorough 48-week program introduces new concepts weekly for in-depth understanding.

48-Week Lesson Plan
asking doubt

An extensive array of resources for exploring and practicing math concepts.

144 Live Lessons & 1000+ Workbook Exercises
Online study at home

Expertise-Driven Program with Comprehensive Resources

Transforming complex math concepts into engaging stories, making them memorable and accessible.

Storytelling in Math

Our offline activities bridge theoretical learning with practical life applications.

Real-World Application

Each child receives personalized attention, catering to their unique learning styles.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Engaging Learning Experience with Real-World Application

Facilitating social skills development through collaborative learning groups.

Learning Groups

Activities designed to foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

16 Thinking Skills Enhancement

Tailored activities to boost logical reasoning and intellectual growth.

Logical Ability and Intelligence Development

Social and Cognitive Development Focus

We're committed to ensuring a balanced use of screen time, promoting healthy learning habits.

Mindful Screen Time

Our lessons adhere to global educational benchmarks like CCSS, EYFS, and NEL, making our content top-notch and universally relevant.

Real-time Assessment Reports

Balanced Approach to Digital Learning

At GrowKidz, we believe in creating a world of learning where mathematics is not just a subject but a gateway to understanding the world. Our approach to math education is designed to kindle curiosity, build confidence, and lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Join us in this exciting endeavor and witness how we're changing the face of early math education.
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